Executive Director:
Lynne Argent

Board of Directors:

Dr. Laura Nelson-Green

Vice President:
Kerry Slough

David Carter

Tami Martin
Sylvia Wendeln
Nancy Melvin
Angie Hipskind
David Douhitt
Dr. Angela AuBuchon
Durable Medical Equipment Loans:
Area 10 now has Abilities'  inventory of new and used home medical equipment
and assistive devices - including walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, commodes,
canes and more. This durable equipment is available for loan to anyone with a
temporary or permanent disability.
No deposit fee is required.

If you have borrowed equipment from Abilities Unlimited and its time to return it,
please return in to Area 10.  
Do not take it to the old Abilities office on North
Walnut, as we are no longer at that address.
Telephone Area 10 for help with
returning equipment.  812-876-3383
Abilities Unlimited Disability Services
Abilities Unlimited Inc.     PO Box 1814, Bloomington, IN 47402-1814
Abilities Email:
Abilities Unlimited has merged its services and our office is no
longer open.

If you require advocacy, referral, or would like to speak with Lynne
regarding your issues, she can be reached at the Bloomington
office of The Southern Indiana Center for Independent Living.  
Please phone the Bloomington SICIL office at 812-335-

To understand more about Independent Living, please visit the
following web site:

If you need durable medical equipment, please telephone Area 10
at 812-876-3383